Lime Concrete


Lime Concrete is made with a special formula that makes it resemble a realistic slab concrete wall.

Within the carbonation process, a reaction obtained with the natural aging of the natural lime and marble fillers powder,

the patina effect of your wall will become more realistic over time.

Lime Based Concrete is suitable for any interior space including bathroom walls and outdoor areas..


Light Toner

Dark Toner

Medium Toner


Lime Concrete surface can be tinted in 3 different tones Light, Medium and Dark.

However if you require a specific shade of colour or would like us to color match against a sample you have (e.g a tile or a textile sample) we'd love to help you find the right shade for your project. We also offer a sample service to ensure the colour shade you choose is just right!

For Architectural and Interior Design studios, we offer a digital catalogue of seamless patterns which can be used into your digital 3D projects. The Concrete Finishes in the catalogue come in a medium toner shade of Grey but we are happy to help you with specific requests of texture + colour combination. Just get in touch!

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