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Washed Stone

Artemani Studio - Washed Stone Surface -seamless- Dolomite White.jpg

Washed Stone is an exclusive of Artemani Studio for the New Zealand decorative market. An unique blend of selected marble powders and hydraulic lime and binders, enriched with precious grits and sands of different colours tones.

The feeling of this surface is earthy and sandy, its texture is the perfect feature for a minimalist and contemporary space.


Washed Stone is suitable for any interior space including bathroom walls, its strong formulation makes it particularly adaptable for outdoor areas.


The Washed Stone surface is available in a natural white based paste called Dolomite White.

However if you require a specific shade of colour the white plaster paste can be tinted to colour match against any major colour and Paint colour palette.


If you require a specific shade of colour or would like us to color match against a sample you have (e.g a tile or a textile sample) we'd love to help you find the right shade for your project.  We also offer a sample service to ensure the colour shade you choose is just right!

Washed Stone is a product made in Italy by BeriCalce.

USE : Walls and Ceilings


ENVIRONMENT : Interior and Exterior

THICKNESS : 2 - 4 mm

FIREPROOF: S1 Category and Branz approved


Would you like to feature Washed Stone in your next project?

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