FAQ about our Surface Design Products

What are the products you use made of?

All our Products are lime-based paste made from marble and stone powders. Different percentage mix of marbles and stones creates a range of different products that we use to create our Surfaces Catalogue. The process to make this plaster products is an ancient technique that involves crushing the stones, mixing the powders with water, heating the mixture and let that aging for several months before applying the final product on the walls.

Where can the products be applied - residential, commercial, walls, tables etc?

Our Surfaces can be applied on walls for both commercial and residential use. They are suitable for bathrooms walls and sheltered outdoors areas too. If you are interested to explore the possibility of application on tables or furniture we’d love to discuss every single project individually to suggest you the better way to achieve your project.

Can I apply it myself or do I need a professional?

Is our company service to apply this product to an high professional standard. It takes a long time to become a skilled artisan and master the application of all our surfaces and being able to achieve a cohesive looking. We are proud to offer our client this service and ensure them the final look is exactly how they expect it to be.

What about the ecological impact of your product?

Something important to mention is regarding the products ecological value and natural origin.

All ours products have a low environmental impact, are healthy and eco-friendly.

They don’t contain aromatic solvents or other agents that can induce allergic reaction to people and animals, discomfort or illness attributable to the ``Sick Building Syndrome``.

They don’t contain chemical preservatives or other types of harmful chemicals, for the simple reason that they don’t need it, it’s the high alkaline PH of the lime that constitutes an excellent natural preservative.

The lime-based products absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) present in the air through the carbonation (hardening process) a process that can last many months after the application of the surface on the wall.

The lime based products have a natural alkalinity due to their Mineral origin which give them important anti-bacterial functions and makes them breathable and perfectly suitable for residential spaces and bathrooms walls.