“The conversation about how we could re-think and design a new polished plaster language started many years ago.

I was a student in Visual Art at the I.U.A.V. University in Venice and Marco had started his career as artisan. Since then we never stop exploring and collecting inspirations, from the places we grew up in Northern Italy through the journey that took us to New Zealand.

Our experimental approach to the polished plaster media keeps our minds open to new pictorial textures and graphics solutions, finding new techniques to bridge the gap between the past traditions and the contemporary polished plaster aesthetic.”

If you like to find out more about our Polished Plaster Artwork research or for a collaboration project just get in touch.

We'd love to share our journey with you!

photo credit @midcenturyswag

"Untitled "

Concrete, Metallic Murano and Gold Foil on Wood.

120 x 180 cm - White shadowbox frame.

Artwork on left, Styling and photo credit @midcenturyswag

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