The duo behind Artemani Studio are Marco Baldisser and Nicoletta Benella, an artisan husband and wife team from the Italian region of Veneto specializing in polished plaster surfaces and bespoke decorative finishes based in Auckland.

Deciding to combine their skills together they founded Artemani Studio in 2016, a project that enables them to indulge their shared passion for the centuries old Italian technique of polished plaster with contemporary and original attitudes to interior design and art.

By fusing their two (sometimes diametrical) points of view, along with a profound knowledge of this Italian Art, they began experimenting with the amazing medium of lime-based plaster products.

Testing combinations of colours and textures, re-creating timeless design with unexpected choices of materials and transitions, they have transformed what was previously an unaffected ancient tradition, into a contemporary aesthetic.

Polished Plaster Made in Italy

All the lime-based plaster products that we use to create our surfaces are Made in Italy.

We exclusively partnership with BeriCalce, based in Vicenza in the Northern Italy, their company has been founded in 1924 and since then they produce an amazing range of decorative products widely known for their high ecological and natural value.

All BeriCalce products summarizes decades of experience and research to select:

  • The best nature

  • The best colours

  • The best formulations, more natural and less aggressive for our environment.

Regular water-based paints are the result of complex formulations and they are composed almost exclusively of chemical materials, resins and derivatives. Lime has been used since ancient times as a natural binder. BeriCalce ensures to maintain the use of products of synthesis to a minimum with the only purpose of ensure the natural simplicity of lime.

Arte Mani Studio - Polished Plaster - Ab

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